Clean Lawn

by admin on June 11, 2010

Keeping turf tidy is all important in maintaining the synthetic turf appearance and sanitary advantage. The frequency of cleaning will depend on use and traffic.

Rainfall – mother nature is the best cleanser for outdoor installations of synthetic lawn. Precipitation gently removes dust, pollen and airborne pollutants. In areas where rain is scarce or during prolonged drought, an occasional sprinkle with a garden hose is beneficial to soak and cleanse the synthetic turf.

Removal of litter – is the simplest and most obvious approach to cleaning while bugs and insects don’t like synthetic turf they do like and will live in debris.

Sweep-light trash (paper, peanut shells, sunflower seeds) and dust can be removed with a broom or lawn sweeper (on the hightest setting, skimming the surface). Do not use a vacuum, it will dislodge, displace and remove infill.

Rake- tree leaves and twigs should be gathered and removed with a garden rake, do not sue rakes with sharp points; they can damage the turf and backing.

Leaf blowers- these can be effective to disperse items on top of the turf, but use with caution. Skim the surface of the turf. Please do not point directly into the pile; it can damage the turf. And beware leaf blowers can get hot to the point that if sat on the turf could melt the blades, I’ve seen it happen so watch out.

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