Keeping Turf Stain Proof

by admin on June 9, 2010

Synthetic turf: Relax with the synthetic surfaces released in the past few years are extremely resilient and don’t stain easily. But if you do find that you have a stain on your turf its probably from foreign matter that usually can be removed promptly and thoroughly. Here are hints for a stain-free lawn.

For starters: Remove any solid or paste-like deposits with a spatula or table knife. Blot excess liquids with a paper towel or dry absorbent material (i.e. kitty litter) that can be swept/scooped up.

Water-based Turf Stains
Typically remove with a warm solution of detergent (a mixture of 1 teaspoon of detergent to 1 pint of water) or simple green. For more serious cleaning, use an ammonia solution (1 part cleaner to 9 parts

Non-water based stains
Often remove with perchlorethylene (cleaning solvent) and a sponge, blotting afterward with absorbent towels. Grease spot-removers are also effective.

Fungus and mold: apply a 1 percent solution of hydrogen peroxide in water with a sponge.

Nail polish: sponge with acetone.

Oil-based paints on turf: blot immediately. Sponge with turpentine or paint remover, applied sparingly. Blot with detergent and water. Re-sponge with cold water to remove detergent. Scrape excess. Sponge sponge with solvent. Repeat as needed.

More difficult stains: may require multiple cleanings of solvents and detergent.

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