Tips: Synthetic Turf Maintenance

by admin on June 10, 2010

Simply by following these easy preventative measures will help avoid costly repairs and maintenance for your synthetic lawn today and tomorrow.

Brush Regularly: like your dentist use to tell you, do the same with your turf – but not as often. The artificial turf is engineered to look and behave like natural grass, so in heavy traffic areas, fiber curling over or “swirling” can be expected to occur. Brushing with a push broom can help refresh the fibers and bring your turf back to life. (Note: never use a wire brush)

Keep off the turf check list

Serve food and beverages off the turf. Spills attract insects and animals and detract from the Synthetic Lawn ’s appearance.

Avoid excessive scrubbing or saturation with cleaners. This may lead to degradation.

Dont use any crazy acids or any harsh chemicals, try and keep the kids chemistry set off the turf, I know that sounds simple but you’d be surprised.

Prevent transmission fluids, oil, grease, battery acid, gasoline or diesel fuel from dripping or spilling. They can discolor the fiber and contaminate the infill backing and soil.

Don’t park vehicles or leave heavy objects on turf. This can mat down the fibers and trap moisture.
Rotate surface traffic to minimize matting, as well as mid and dirt tracking.

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