A Beautiful Artificial Lawn

by admin on August 8, 2010

A beautiful artificial lawn is the result of two things: (1) your vision of a perfect artificial lawn and (2) your installer’s execution of your vision. Of course, selecting the best product consistent with your tastes is also a factor, but the majority of clients are not upset with their turf, they are more than likely to be dissatisfied with their quality of installation.

When installing artificial lawns there are a great number of factors to consider that will determine the quality of the job. For example, seams in the turf and the direction the turf will ultimately lie has a great impact on your perception of quality. Oblong yards can have seams running horizontally or vertically. If you do not specify how you want your seams made, some installers will go with whatever works best for them. You want the least amount of seams possible in your new synthetic lawn so as to make it look as natural as possible. If you have an irregularly shaped yard, for example kidney shaped, there may be many cuts that have to be made and the edges can be difficult to make perfect. Using bender board in these areas is recommended.

Another consideration is infill. Infills come in both natural and artificial varieties. The most common natural infill is sand and the most common synthetic infill is ground black rubber. If you are going to walk on the turf often then ground black rubber may not be the best option as it captures the suns rays and can get excessively hot underfoot. If your installer only has black rubber then you may want silica sand instead. Some installers will use a product called Durafill, a synthetic green alternative to ground black rubber that is not as hot as the black rubber. If you can get FlexSand, you will be extraordinarily happy. FlexSand offers the shock absorption that rubber does and is cooler to the touch than sand. Each grain of FlexSand infill is a single grain of sand coated in a non-toxic, FDA approved for consumption polymer. It is a perfect choice for a beautiful artificial lawn.

Do you have pets? If so, stay away from turf products that have a felt backing and do not install weed barrier. These products can capture the odor of pet urine and feces and seriously disappoint the consumer if used. There are other products that can minimize pet smells as well like artificial turf deodorizer (ATD) and drain core. ATD functions much like baking soda in a refrigerator. Drain core slightly elevates the turf to allow for greater drainage and helps eliminate odor.

If you want a beautiful artificial lawn it always starts with your vision. The installation process and your decisions throughout can have a major impact on the ultimate outcome.

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