Artificial Grass Installation

by admin on August 2, 2010

While True Turf expertly installs synthetic lawns, we understand that some consumers like to do it themselves. There are a number of reasons why performing an artificial grass installation may be better than having a professional contractor do it for you. First, there is pride of workmanship and knowledge of the process. When you install artificial turf on your own, you familiarize yourself with the process and thereby learn how to properly maintain your new turf.

Another important reason to do it yourself is savings. A large percentage of artificial grass installation cost is labor. If you act as your own general contractor and get the materials from a reputable supplier, you can reduce the cost of complete installation by as much as 50% or more in some circumstances.

Most people that want to install turf themselves need to understand how to get the job done from start to finish. What follows is a ten point list of our synthetic grass installation procedure:

(1) Remove all existing lawn if applicable.

(2) Excavate the area three to four inches below surrounding area.

(3) Grade the remaining area smooth.

(4) Use class II road base or decomposed granite and fill in the excavated area to 1 inch below the surrounding surface.

(5) Tamp the class II road base or decomposed granite down and smooth out the area. Insure base is 1 inch below surrounding area.

(6) Cut your turf to your specifications.

(7) Secure the turf down with sod staples or 4″ galvanized nails.

(8) Spread infill evenly over the turf using a wheeled fertilizer or seed spreader (You can use silica sand if you do not have access to artificial infill products).

(9) Rake the turf evenly so as to insure the infill falls in to place and distributes evenly.

(10) Use a motorized broom over the entire surface to insure best appearance (You can get a motorized broom from professional tool rental shops).

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