Realistic Synthetic Lawn Done Right

by admin on August 22, 2010

If you want the convenience of a synthetic lawn but you don’t want the look of glossy plastic grass then you need to do some comparison shopping before you buy and install. This post is designed to assist the consumer that is thinking about installing a synthetic lawn but has concerns about the appearance of synthetic grass and installation procedures.

Synthetic Lawn

Synthetic Lawn

First and foremost, make sure that when you compare different types of turf you do so both in direct sunlight and in shade. If the area you want the turf installed in is in direct sunlight mostly, consider the appearance of the turf under those specific conditions. The opposite is true for shady areas.

Also, if it is a front yard installation, compare the color of the turf to the lawns in the surrounding area. If your neighbors lawns are of a dramatically different color, the new synthetic lawn can look, by comparison alone, rather fake if it doesn’t naturally blend in to the surrounding area.

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