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Artificial Putting Greens - Synthetic Grass – Artificial Lawn – Fake Turf

A lot of work has gone in to the development of modern artificial putting green products. A decade ago, the average artificial putting green was comparably quite inferior to the quality of artificial greens today. There is a wider selection for people to choose from and the appearance of the newest putting greens replicates the look and feel of real putting greens quite well.

Installing artificial putting greens is both an art and a science. When looking for an installer, make sure they are well versed in installation because many artificial putting green sellers install mostly residential artificial lawns and not putting greens. The main difference between these two types of installations is the attention to detail required in artificial putting green installations.

Design, topography, stint meter, cup and flag placement, fringe around the turf, first cut around the green and chipping areas are all important aspects of artificial putting green installation that need to be taken in to account. Some installers will understand these needs intuitively because they have the experience while others will not. Ask your installer about their thoughts on all of these elements and see what they have to say. Obviously, if your prospective installer stumbles over their words and has no concept as to what you are asking about then you should seriously consider getting another estimate from someone else.

Getting at least three estimates for artificial putting greens is called for. Since putting green installations are more labor intensive, the ultimate cost per square foot is generally higher than residential installations. So if you’re going to pay a great deal of money for something that has both decorative appeal and functionality, you will want to get multiple bids and interview your installer carefully before making your final decision.

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