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Cheap Artificial Grass - Synthetic Grass – Artificial Lawn – Fake Turf

If you are looking for cheap artificial grass then I have a word of caution you are probably most familiar with: you get what you pay for! Over the last decade the competition in the artificial grass industry has increased due to competition, increased water rates and because consumers do not want to perform expensive natural lawn maintenance. Subsequent to these changes, many manufacturers have produced low quality turf to meet the demands of some installers.

If you really want to get good quality artificial turf for the lowest possible price get as many estimates as possible. Ask each artificial turf supplier to provide you with samples. Compare the following aspects of the turf to make sure it will meet your needs: total weight; turf backing and warrantee.

The total weight of turf is generally measured per square yard. Lower quality turf can be as low as 50 ounces per square yard whereas higher quality turf can be over 100 ounces per square yard. The total weight varies between different turf products due to thickness, thread count and the actual weight of the threads and the backing combined. Generally speaking, greater weight equals higher quality.

The backing on artificial turf also varies. Common backing on turf ranges between a plastic backing to a felt like backing. If you have pets, shy away from the felt backing as it can attract and hold odor. Moreover, felt backing can harbor mold as well. We prefer the plastic backing because it does not mold or hold odors. However, there needs to be drain holes the size of a sharpie pen in diameter every three inches for proper drainage.

The manufacturers warrantee is of vital importance. The longer the warrantee, the more the manufacturer places confidence in their product. Arguably, then, the longer the warrantee the better the quality. However, you should compare the warrantee length to the time the manufacturer has been in business.

Getting cheap artificial grass installed can be good or bad. It really all depends on what you consider cheap: (1) a good value or (2) low quality. Buying low quality will waste your time and money. To get the best deal on artificial grass, compare the most important aspects of turf and get at minimum 3 estimates.

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