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How Tough is Synthetic Turf? - Synthetic Grass – Artificial Lawn – Fake Turf

Real grass is dirty, needs a lot of water and if it dies…well…it needs to be replaced. Consumers have questions about the durability and longevity of synthetic turf and we can certainly understand their concerns. Installing synthetic turf is a long term investment and while it looks perfect, never needs watering and has almost zero maintenance, people want to know how long it will really last.

Synthetic Turf Durability
Synthetic Turf Durability

Most manufacturers will guarantee their products for seven to ten years. Synthetic turf should last twice the length of the warrantee. The reason that synthetic turf can last so long is because of the manufacturing process. Most turf is manufactured in the same way. A long stretch of backing goes through a large industrial weaving machine. Synthetic turf fibers are woven in to it. Many manufacturers will thereafter coat the back of the turf where the weaves are present with a product that fills in the seams keeping the turf together and making it difficult for the strands of turf to be removed. The backing itself will not erode over time and is resistant to tearing. As such, the product that goes in the ground is highly durable.

This does not mean that turf is indestructible. The main thing that damages turf over time is exposure to excessive heat. Synthetic turf is made from plastic and it will melt if exposed to flames. Never barbeque on top of your turf (we had a client actually do this and yes we replaced the melted area). Even if your turf does melt because you burn it, it is very easy to replace.

Almost every manufacturer warrants against fading. Fading can occur but rarely does nowadays since the dyes that color the turf permeate the synthetic grass itself. SYnthetic turf is not sprayed with a paint to give it its color and even when people pour bleach on the turf it doesn’t lose its color.

It’s hardy, it doesn’t fade, bleach won’t turn it white but remember…don’t barbeque on top of your turf, don’t operate a flamethrower near it and please, do not install a fire pit in the middle of your turf.

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