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Top 20 Questions to Ask Your Synthetic Turf Installer - Synthetic Grass – Artificial Lawn – Fake Turf

It is quite common to get multiple estimates when pricing out synthetic turf. The average consumer will get approximately three or more estimates before making a final decision. The process of interviewing your prospective installer can go well or the time you spend with them can be wasted by just not asking the right questions and letting the representative control the conversation.

synthetic turf questions
synthetic turf questions

Here’s our list of the top 20 questions you can ask your prospective synthetic turf installer to help you make the best of your time:

(1) Are you a licensed contractor?

(2) What does your warrantee cover and for how long?

(3) How does your turf drain?

(4) How much is the full installation cost?

(5) How well does your turf stand up to pets?

(6) Do you use subcontractors for your installations?

(7) How durable is your turf?

(8) Does the turf fade over time?

(9) How do I prevent damage from gophers and moles?

(10) Do you have a maintenance plan?

(11) What do you suggest for upkeep?

(12) Is your product mold and mildew resistant?

(13) If I decide to move forward with your company, how long will I have to wait to get started?

(14) Is your turf stain resistant?

(15) Is your turf fire retardant?

(16) How do I prevent weeds?

(17) How does your turf stand up to heat and direct sunlight?

(18) What kind of an infill product do you use?

(19) How do you prevent seams in the turf from being apparent?

(20) Do you have a list of installations I can see before giving you an answer?

Synthetic turf is a wonderful addition to the landscaping in your home, sure to bring you years of consistent enjoyment if, that is, you select the right installer. DOn’t feel intimidated asking these questions. The answers can translate to a perfect experience or a shoddy installation that you will have to maintain on your own.

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