Sometimes Fake is Better


May 2011 - Synthetic Grass – Artificial Lawn – Fake Turf

Offering Quality and More Benefits to the Soccer Field!

Synthetic grass is commonly known as artificial grass. Today, synthetic grass is going high on demand across the globe for landscaping and sports uses. National press conference has been organized at Honduras to review industry trends with synthetic grass production that has been offered by top representatives of ACT Global sports, FENAFUTH, and CONCACAF. ACT

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Synthetic Grass Soccer Field!

The soccer field at Mission Playground is not really full of activity like other San Francisco parks. However, it is more likely to change when its knee destroying blacktop is restored by a more user friendly surface. The field will reopen with a brand new synthetic grass field in the winter. However, the local soccer

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Maintenance Free for Ten Years!

For the 2011 to 2012 budget discussion the mission to install synthetic grass was a hot topic. The topic Synthetic turf was also in everyone’s mind for the year 2011-2012 school budget votes.  Whether inhabitants wanted synthetic turf or not the catchphrase has grown in the budget discussion for the vote. The Bellmore Merrick Central

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Green Signals from Many Reputed Organizations!

Now day’s reputed turf manufactures FieldTurf has anticipated much research from EPA to design some best quality and safety synthetic grass and playgrounds.  In this way, Eric Daliere President of the FieldTurf has commented that they have met the requirements through this natural research. Also, the President has suggested that this research help to show

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Designing With Recycling Material!

FieldTurf has built a new field at the War Memorial Stadium in Arkansas that uses recycled material for their synthetic grass. The entire field was replaced and recycled when the stadium officials conceded to improve the surface by the latest and attractive synthetic grass or field turf technology. The redesign of field turf by the

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Golf Greens, Enjoy Your Leisure Period

If you want to make fun at your home backyard with golf, then it’s the perfect time to use the synthetic grass golf course. This product has specially designed for golf green who suitable for a fresher to increasing their skill in golf. With an synthetic grass, you can design a small golf course at

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Grass for Dogs, Offering Long Term Service!

Synthetic grass, Grass for dogs is now more popular in the market due to its durable and long lasting quality. Basically, homeowners are using these products to provide natural look for their lawn where their pets can easily play. In this regard, they are not only removing the regular maintenance problem like the natural grass

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