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Mansfield Artificial Turf Field Update

Mansfield city schools are just about ready to replace two of their fields with synthetic grass playing fields. These fields have become more and more popular throughout the nation with their ease of maintenance as well as their improved safety. The safety of synthetic grass fields has been something people are often times unaware of, as the artificial turf fields are much more shock absorbent than standard grass fields. The other reason that schools as well as regular homes are starting to make the switch due to the ease of maintenance, as well as no need to water the grass throughout the year. The cost of water for large fields is one of the most expensive things for a school district to maintain, and switching two of their fields to synthetic grass will help the district curb costs as well. Maintenance for a professional looking playing field for sports can cost thousands of dollars a month, and more and more school districts are getting sick of the mounting costs. Synthetic grass for artificial turf fields is really taking the neighborhood by storm, and allowing for a great looking alternative that is maintenance free and also doesn’t waste water. The switch will be coming very soon here for Mansfield City Schools, and will more than likely become much more popular in your neighborhood as well. Expect to start seeing much more synthetic grass no matter where you live within the United States, it does well through any weather.


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