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Top Five Reasons to Install Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf isn’t just great to look at. It’s a wonderful convenience. Not only are synthetic turf lawns durable nowadays, but they also provide a wealth of savings. Here’s the True Turf Top Ten reasons to install synthetic turf now. (1) Water Savings. The average lawn requires 40 gallons of water to stay green. However,

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A Beautiful Artificial Lawn

A beautiful artificial lawn is the result of two things: (1) your vision of a perfect artificial lawn and (2) your installer’s execution of your vision. Of course, selecting the best product consistent with your tastes is also a factor, but the majority of clients are not upset with their turf, they are more than

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Artificial Putting Greens

A lot of work has gone in to the development of modern artificial putting green products. A decade ago, the average artificial putting green was comparably quite inferior to the quality of artificial greens today. There is a wider selection for people to choose from and the appearance of the newest putting greens replicates the

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Cheap Artificial Grass

If you are looking for cheap artificial grass then I have a word of caution you are probably most familiar with: you get what you pay for! Over the last decade the competition in the artificial grass industry has increased due to competition, increased water rates and because consumers do not want to perform expensive

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Frequently Asked Questions About Synthetic Turf

Before people install synthetic turf they typically have a great deal of questions they need answered. This article covers the most frequently asked questions about residential synthetic turf installations and answers those questions in detail. Perhaps the number one question people ask is how long turf lasts. There are a number of different manufacturers of

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Artificial Grass Installation

While True Turf expertly installs synthetic lawns, we understand that some consumers like to do it themselves. There are a number of reasons why performing an artificial grass installation may be better than having a professional contractor do it for you. First, there is pride of workmanship and knowledge of the process. When you install

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Clean Lawn

Keeping turf tidy is all important in maintaining the synthetic turf appearance and sanitary advantage. The frequency of cleaning will depend on use and traffic. Rainfall – mother nature is the best cleanser for outdoor installations of synthetic lawn. Precipitation gently removes dust, pollen and airborne pollutants. In areas where rain is scarce or during

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Tips: Synthetic Turf Maintenance

Simply by following these easy preventative measures will help avoid costly repairs and maintenance for your synthetic lawn today and tomorrow. Brush Regularly: like your dentist use to tell you, do the same with your turf – but not as often. The artificial turf is engineered to look and behave like natural grass, so in

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Keeping Turf Stain Proof

Synthetic turf: Relax with the synthetic surfaces released in the past few years are extremely resilient and don’t stain easily. But if you do find that you have a stain on your turf its probably from foreign matter that usually can be removed promptly and thoroughly. Here are hints for a stain-free lawn. For starters:

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synthetic lawns have come along way… Like many proud homeowners, John Chen doesn’t need much prodding to brag about his lawn. He will wax poetic about its perfect shade of green, flawless uniformity and the way it neatly frames the flagstones leading to his front door. In the summer Chen likes to pad around the

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