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Crumb Rubber Alternative

The synthetic turf industry has come under fire for using ground black rubber as an infill product. A recent Connecticut state funded study on crumb rubber found “health risks “are not elevated from playing on these fields.” The study did find that higher contaminant levels at an indoor field suggests ventilation needs.” Source – The

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Flexsand Technical Guide

Synthetic Turf: Flexsand uniquely comines two engineered elastomers and high-purity quartz sand, to create a specially formulated synthetic turf infill. This new infill solution provides excellent shock absorption qualities and ballast performance of raw sand, while minimizing health and environmental concerns. Specifically engineered to address the deficiencies inherent to both raw sand and crumb rubber

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Flexsand Case Study

Flexsand Synthetic turf infill reduces health concerns for Helen Bernstein high school. When the Los Angeles unified school district began building the new Helen Bernstein High School and its 90,000 square feet of athletic fields, officials looked for options that would limit lead exposure, reduce heat and other health concerns. The fields will not only

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