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Synthetic Grass Maintenance

Investing in synthetic grass requires a good maintenance plan. One of the biggest questions people ask us is “What is the best way to maintain turf without destroying the product itself?” This is is a very valid question. No one wants to end up paying for turf that will ultimately look like this: We suggest

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Synthetic Grass and Children

Parents are always concerned about synthetic grass and their children. Are there any harmful effects? How will it feel? What are the main benefits? Well, the answers are quite positive really. Synthetic grass is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and completely safe. There have been concerns, however, not about the turf itself, but about the infill products used

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Synthetic Grass Landscaping

Landscaping with synthetic grass is now cost efficient, good for the environment, looks great and reduces your bills. Imagine never having to water or mow or pay a gardner for upkeep. Synthetic grass comes in a wide variety of colors, thicknesses and grades so matching your new synthetic turf to what the surrounding grass looks

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Choosing the Right Synthetic Grass

Making sure you get the right synthetic grass for your needs is important. Synthetic grass now comes in a wide variety of styles and each has a different application. If you are getting turf installed in an area with a high level of sun exposure you will definitely want to avoid a single color turf

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