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Synthetic Grass - Synthetic Grass – Artificial Lawn – Fake Turf

Synthetic grass, the craze that has swept the nation! Who would have thought fake grass could look so good, but True Turf is here to show you just how good your fake grass can look. People all over the country are finding new ways to use fake grass the following are just a few;

Landscaping turf

Synthetic grass is great as a ground cover or as the main landscaping attraction in a beautifully sculpted yard. The good news is that with True Turf your turf landscape is now affordable where in years past you’d have to pay out the nose… now you can finally landscape the way YOU want

Grass For Dogs

That horrible smell that people have been talking about with synthetic turf and pets is just untrue with proper preparation. Using the True Turf Pet System you can have the yard you deserve while enjoying the odder free air. Click here to find out how to keep your synthetic grass smelling great!

Golf Greens

Few people have the means to keep up a “REAL” putting green at their house, right? WRONG… Now with True Turf’s proven system, you can have a professional grade golf green in your back yard at a price you can afford.

Athletic Fields

Synthetic athletic fields don’t have to be ridiculously expensive, people just make them that way… True Turf can help your organization reach your sports goals and get your field built.