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Field Turf Newest Synthetic Grass

Field Turf has taken Canada by storm with their newest addition to their already large selection of synthetic grass. Their new product is a synthetic grass called Vertex, it looks very similar to a putting green, however doesn’t require the pesky maintenance. Their newest synthetic grass also allows for the user to feel more comfortable about safety among other important issues. Field Turf specifies in putting green style synthetic grass, often times the synthetic grass is less expensive for the putting green, however the installation process is much more laborious than a standard yard. The new Vertex product has a spine that goes down the middle of each of the individual blades of synthetic grass, this helps durability as well as strength. The spine works the same way that a human spine does, it simply allows the blade to have a support mechanism that will further help the synthetic grass last longer for the client. Field Turf specific brands are known for their reliability as well as their affordability to the client. The specific models can be for anything from standard yard setup to a full on PGA style golf course in your very own back yard. This company has been very successful in synthetic grass by keeping their products that people have enjoyed, and allowing the client to dictate what exactly they would like out of their synthetic grass. This dedication is the type of things you need to see to a client, and I would recommend this company for anyone looking for a new yard.

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