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Encinitas - Synthetic Grass – Artificial Lawn – Fake Turf

Encinitas Synthetic Turf Rand Christensen is our featured front yard installation for this post, Rand chose Bermuda 3XL and with a 111 oz total weight who can question his style. This Synthetic Turf is one of the densest on the market and one of Tiger Turf favorites. Rand however was installed before True Turf launched its revolutionary new Flexsand infill which is taking the Synthetic Turf industry by storm. Synthetic Turf in Encinitas seems to love Bermuda 3XL because that’s all we seem to ever install in Encinitas, I think maybe because its our premium turf and is denser than the carpet I have in my home. Encinitas is primed for products from Tiger Turf because they make nothing but the best and has a reputation for excellence that is why we do business with them and place Synthetic Turf in Encinitas just for that reason because we can carry any turf companies turf but we choose to go with only the best because doing so builds our brand and will go along way in furthering the industry as a whole.

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