Tiger Turf

Tiger Turf is the world’s largest synthetic turf manufacturer offering factory direct pricing and cutting edge technology through True Turf.

Everything you need for the perfect installation!

Poly on Poly Turf

Tiger Turf: All of our synthetic turf is made of the highest quality polyethylene yarn available today, which is designed for optimum resiliency and blade recovery. Our yards are also anti-microbial and do not absorb external elements or moisture.

Tuft bind

Tiger Turf:All of our turf is constructed with the strongest and most innovative materials including our “Ultra Turf Lock Backing” which consists of a heavy-duty layer of uniquely formulated urethane which achieves an incredible 12 lb. tuft-bind – “the best in the industry”.


Tiger Turf: All of our turf is also constructed with our unique non-expandable D-12 backing which prevents expansion and contraction of turf when exposed to extreme temperatures and elements.

Tiger Manufacturing

Tiger Turf: Within Tiger Turf s family of manufacturing facilities, you will find spools of the highest quality yarns from around the globe being tufted into primary backing cloths. You will also find a varied selection of backings to assist in the deliverance of a wide range of stable ground for any and all uses! Our heavyweights needless carry various yarns or a single yarn type, depending on the product use. High quality yarns, which will make their way into one of our landscape or sport field products, pass around feed rollers and through guide bars.

 Inspection frames are used to thoroughly inspect every TigerTurf carpet, identifying necessary repairs. For added durability, we apply a special “Tuft Locking” coat to the back of each Tiger Turf carpet. The carpet is then processed through our technologically advanced “ovens” to cure backings. Finally, the finished product receives its last in-house inspection – an in-depth quality control process- prior to packing and dispatch. The real inspection, of course, is the one our customers perform day in and day out for years to come. We take every precaution to insure that the Tiger Turf name remains synonymous with quality.

Tiger Turf Case Studies:
Tiger Turf Palos Verdes High
Tiger Turf: University of California-Riverside
TigerTurf: Hamilton Local School District
Tiger Turf: Salem State College

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