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Tiger Turf: Salem State College

Synthetic Turf: Salem State College Sports 1st Entirely Synthetic Baseball Field in New England – TigerTurf from Outfield to Infield and Bases!

In Salem, Mass., a state-of-the-art solution to the challenge of developing and maintaining an optimum natural grass system has arrived: TigerTurf.

Bases, outfield, even the infield — with a clay red appearance – is the latest technology in synthetic surfacing from world leading synthetic turf manufacturer Tiger Turf.

Comments by Jason Doviak, Assistant Athletic Director and Assistant Baseball Coach, Salem State College:

“It’s beautiful. We think it’s a great surface. The quality of the system is better than others we’ve seen.”

He added that the infield, dyed to look like a normal clay or dirt field, really stands out.

“With this new system we’ll have a higher quality surface to use throughout more of the year, and it will allow us to avoid cancellations and rain delays.”

He also said he anticipates the surface will deliver playability characteristics like that of an optimum grass system: true ball bounces, a level and consistent surface, the ideal blend of cushioning and firmness, traction, etc.

“All American Sports Group did a great job on the installation of the new system. They are a great group to work with, very responsive and very professional. We would definitely work with them again.”

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