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True FAQ - Synthetic Grass – Artificial Lawn – Fake Turf

Where can I get True Synthetic Lawns?
True Lawns and True Putting Greens are available exclusively from True Turf Inc. Contact our office to arrange for a free estimate.

Are True Lawns really maintenance-free?
Natural grass needs lots of TLC – regular watering, mowing, fertilizing, weeding etc. True Lawns synthetic grass requires none of that. It only needs minimal, sporadic attention as prescribed in the True Lawns Owner’s Manual our customers are issued upon installation.

Is the turf safe for kids?
True Lawns are an ideal surface for backyards frequented by children. Playgrounds, too. This synethtic turf can be played on every day. It stays clean (look, ma! no grass stains!). It’s hypo-allergenic, non-abrasive and non-toxic. When infilled with the prescribed amount of Flexsand infill, True Lawns meet or exceed federal standards for shock absorbency and fall heights (test results available on request).

Is the turf safe for pets?
Dogs and cats prefer True Lawns to other surfaces. It’s softer on their pads than dirt or concrete. It’s more sanitary than grass. Plus, it’s a snap to keep clean: Solid waste is easily removed from the fiber, urine passes through the turf and the backing, and all rinses away with water. (For added cleanliness you can apply household cleaners, even bleach.) And True Lawns infills resist bacterial growth.

Is the turf safe for the environment?
True Lawns fiber, backing and infill complies with stringent laws and standards. Our product uses recycled components. It’s 100% recyclable. It saves water. There are no grass clippings to clog landfills, no pollution from a lawn mower’s engine, no fertilizers or added chemicals to contaminate groundwater.

What about lead?
True Lawns fiber contains none of the heavy metals used to provide color in some forms of domestic and imported nylon; the realistic hues of green in our turf is created by naturally occurring pigment. The primary ingredient in True Lawns is polyethylene, the material that most of today’s milk bottles are made from.

Where does water go when it rains? Is an additional drain system necessary?
True Lawns backing features perforations every three inches rated at a drainage capability of more than 10 inches of rain per hour. In most cases and climates, no separate drains are necessary; water drains naturally into the compacted aggregate sub-base.

Synthetic grass is “hotter” than natural grass – true or false?
Both. In most everyday circumstances, the temperature on the surface of a synthetic lawn is identical to natural grass. During prolonged periods of unshaded areas, turf is typically warmer by as much as 10 to 20 degrees. The primary culprit is the infill; black rubber granules absorb the sun’s rays. An easy solution is a brief spray or sprinkling of water; evaporative cooling will greatly reduce the temperature. However, True Lawns also offer green Flexsand, which absorbs much less of the sun’s heat. So the temperature of our Bermuda turfs are virtually the same as natural grass.

How durable are True Lawns?
Our turf is virtually stain-proof and fireproof (fibers will melt, but the ignition point is an exceptionally high temperature). It’s much more resilient than natural grass and stands up to a family’s everyday activities, every day … always looking great.

How long does synthetic grass last?
True Lawns carries a manufacturer’s warranty guaranteeing the turf against fading and degradation for 10 years. The expected life expectancy of the product is 15 to 20 years. (Because the engineering and manufacturing techniques necessary for today’s synthetic grass didn’t come together until the late 1990s, no one knows for sure.)

Weeds and gophers have taken over my natural grass. Are they a problem with turf?
A standard feature on True Lawns installations is a weed-block layer that can prevent even the hardiest crabgrass from peeking through your synthetic lawn. True Lawns’ heavy-duty, multi-layered woven polyurethane backing usually resists all intrusions from our underground friends – but an extra layer of “gopher wire” can also be installed under the turf for added protection.

What is True Lawns’ Low Price Guarantee?
We’ll beat any written synthetic grass estimate (300 square feet or more) for an identical or similar product by a licensed competitor. No fine print necessary.

What does it cost?
True Lawns is priced by the square foot. Compared with the cost of a newly sodded lawn and escalating costs of watering and maintenance, the initial investment in synthetic grass can be recouped in less than four years. (Remember, True Lawns is warranted to last for 10 years.). The best news: True Lawns has the lowest turf price, guaranteed. We’ll beat any written estimate for synthetic grass (300 or more square feet) from a licensed company for comparable products.

What about installation?
True Lawns offers expert, guaranteed installation by trained craftsmen — INCLUDED in our low price guarantee. (Many companies charge extra for installation.) We have lots of turf in stock, so we can offer the fastest turf delivery; there’s no waiting for weeks or months for your new lawn to arrive. And our crews take pride in being the most courteous and hardest-working installers in the turf business. Most installations are completed in a single day.

What about do-it-yourself turf? Can I buy the material and save money by installing it?
True Turf Inc. can provide our quality synthetic grass products to professional landscapers or “weekend warriors,” often at or below wholesale prices. Typically, turf available at retail home-improvement stores is lighter-duty; True Lawns products are industrial-grade. We suggest a professional, guaranteed – and affordable — True Lawns installation. But: If you want to install turf yourself, we can get you the ingredients and help with the know-how for a quality install at the lowest possible price.

Do you accept credit cards? Do you offer financing?
Yes and yes. True Turf Inc. honors MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express cards. We also offer multiple convenient financing options through Wells Fargo Financial, including a no payment/no interest plan for 12 months, and a no-interest plan over 36 months, all on approved credit.

Why do True Lawns cost so much less?
Not because we cut corners in product or installation quality. True Lawns combine low overhead – we don’t give NFL players a free lawn and pay them to run in our TV commercials – and employs strict cost and inventory controls. But most of all, True Lawns simply sells at a lower profit margin. Other companies may jack up their prices by 200%. We don’t, and won’t. True Turf Inc. strongly believes that synthetic lawns should be affordable.

Are True Lawns made in America, or imported from China like so many other goods?
True Turf Inc. products are manufactured by Tiger Turf, a multi-national company, at its facility in Austin TX. Some polyethylene fiber is imported from Europe, primarily Germany. None of the ingredients are from China.

Where can I see a complete True Lawns installation in person?
Our product has been installed at hundreds of locations in dozens of Southern California cities in San Diego, Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties, from San Diego to San Bernardino, Rancho Santa Fe to Beverly Hills, Tustin to Temecula. Chances are there’s a True Lawns lawn near you, with an owner who’s proud to show off his synthetic grass. Ask a True Lawns representative for some addresses close to your home.