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City of San Diego Water Emergency Information and Resources page  June 1 2009  
SD Water Authority reinstates water conservation rebates through June 30, 2009  May 18 2009
Water district’s popular rebates now on first-come, first-serve basis  May 1 2009
True Turf statement on new procedure for water district’s synthetic turf rebates  Apr 9 2009
NC Times: Artificial turf is ideal; homeowners deserve incentives for installation  Apr 9 2009
Snow levels in mountains lower than hoped; rationing expected July 1  Apr 3 2009
Garden Grove lifts ban on fake grass  Mar 25 2009
San Diego mayor targets 25% cuts in water use, penalties for not conserving  Mar 20 2009
Rationing to hit the street; 10% to 20% cut in water foreseen  Mar 14 2009
Drought is serious business: Environmental restrictions trigger need for rationing  Mar 14 2009
Mandatory water cuts likely despite recent rain  Feb 20 2009
Double assurance: Lawns and putting greens now warranted two years  Jan 19 2009
Hybrid is newest variety of True Synthetic Lawns  Jan 12 2009
True Turf rebrands product labels, links to  Jan 2 2009
San Diego declares Stage 1 Water Emergency  Dec 15 2008
Escondido faces “worst water crisis ever,” tightens restrictions  Nov 15 2008
California prepares for water rationing  Oct 30 2008
Carlsbad issues water conservation warnings  Sep 17 2008
California sues FieldTurf, two other turf companies over lead content  Sep 4 2008
Kids play nice on True Turf playgrounds at Poway Montessori  Aug 20 2008
State government: Conserve water now … or we’ll do it for you  Aug 19 2008
True Turf makes Vista High’s football field look (and play) like new  Aug 18 2008
Orange County cities review ban on fake grass  Aug 8 2008
San Diego County Water Authority reinstates synthetic turf incentive program  Aug 5 2008
Feds: Synthetic turf OK, kids “not at risk” from lead exposure  Jul 30 2008
San Diego mayor declares water emergency  Jul 28 2008
Installation milestone: True Turf in 40th community  Jun 27 2008
Oceanside Humane Society chooses True Turf  Jun 20 2008
True Turf sticks with quality by gluing seams  Jun 15 2008 
Governor Schwarzenegger proclaims drought in California  Jun 4 2008
Synthetic lawns are cool with True Turf’s green Durafill  Jun 2 2008
Wall Street Journal: How green is faux grass?  May 29 2008
La Jolla Country Day School taps True Turf to repair field  May 27 2008
La Costa Canyon to replace 2-year-old FieldTurf  May 26 2008
True Turf is #1 in customer ratings according to  May 2 2008
No evidence of health risks in New Jersey turf fields  Apr 21 2008
North County Times talks to True Turf about Earth Fair  Apr 17 2008
“Save the Earth, Lose Your Lawn” at EarthFair 2008 in Balboa Park  Apr 14 2008
How much water does your lawn drink? 50 inches a year? 100?  Apr 1 2008
Extra Care, Extended Care. Only True Turf offers service after the sale  Mar 17 2008
True Turf made in the USA, by Tiger Turf  Mar 15 2008
True Turf — a turf company you can trust — ready for business  Feb 28 2008
Inland lawns are chief drain on water supply  Sep 27 2007

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