True Warranty

True Turf San Diego is a full disclosure shop, we have the longest manufacturer warranty in the business. While some companies brag about a 15-20 year warranty, the fact is only 6-8 of that is carried by the manufacturer while the rest is done by the small company that installed your turf. We here at True Turf believe it’s important for our customers to be informed so feel free to browse the fine print of our Tiger Turf 10 year warranty;

-Tiger Turf Warranty-
This pro-rated product warranty is valid for a period of th (10) years from the date of substantial completion against defects in materials, including ultra-violet degradation and excessive fading.

Tiger Express will repair or replace, as it deems necessary, those materials which exhibit such defects resulting from ultra-violet degradation or excessive fading.

Tiger Express does not warrant against normal wear and tear or matting. Cleaning and grooming maintenance is the responsibility of the consumer. Tiger Express also does not warrant against damage caused by improper use, neglect, vandalism, floods, change in weather table, or other acts of mother nature.

This WARRANTY specifically does not obligate Tiger Express in any way regarding material applied or labor performed. Installation and/or labor warranties are exclusively between the consumer and the installation company. This warranty must be presented with a dated installation contract to verify lifespan.

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