Sometimes Fake is Better


Green Signals from Many Reputed Organizations!

Now day’s reputed turf manufactures FieldTurf has anticipated much research from EPA to design some best quality and safety synthetic grass and playgrounds.  In this way, Eric Daliere President of the FieldTurf has commented that they have met the requirements through this natural research. Also, the President has suggested that this research help to show the long lasting and safety synthetic grass and field turf. However, EPA has managed to include more proof through researches conducted by the environmental and health agencies within the states of California and New York. Consumer Product Safety Commission has also conducted some studies on the World Health Organizations.  Also, the Scoping -Level Field Monitoring Study of Synthetic Turf Fields and Playgrounds of the EPA’s has managed various processes such as:

  • Get experience to manage multi-route field by watching the rebuild of surface that has tire crumb. It has also been evaluated readily through the process available to calculate ecological concentrations of tire crumb elements.
  • Limited field checks for data can be utilized by the EPA to support the Agency in determining the next process to address all the questions from people. All these questions are related to the security of tire crumb that can cover the design of field turf or synthetic grass.


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