Sometimes Fake is Better


Synthetic Grass Warehouse Offering More Variety on Synthetic Turf!

Synthetic Grass Warehouse Inc is the largest national distributor of artificial grass in the US.   It has recently opened a new division in Mexico, Ensenada on April 9, 2011. The grand opening ceremony of this Warehouse was held in a 10,000 square foot warehouse the warehouse will stock over five hundred thousand square feet of fake grass with over twelve artificial turf products. Customers can get every type of turf products such as residential landscape turf, commercial landscape turf, tiger turf, soccer and sports turf as well as an array of putting greens. The Mexico border has suffered with severe drought condition during last few years and the local residents have struggled to find a cost effective solution to this big issue. Synthetic  Grass Warehouse plans to help Mexico with their growing problem to reduce water usage.  It is also planning to focus on quick and easy distribution of growing artificial grass industry. It is also planning to create an online presence through a new website in the near future. Synthetic Grass Warehouse is the national distributor of Tiger turf and also provides a wide selection of weed suppressor, landscape turf, staples and artificial turf installation equipment.  In addition to offer high quality products it also provides same day shipping on all orders.


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