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Military Turf - Synthetic Grass – Artificial Lawn – Fake Turf

Installations can keep headquarter facilities and parkway areas looking their best year-round. The landscaping concepts that can be implemented are limitless with True Turf. Our installers will customize the layout to accommodate any corner or obstacle and will design the layout to each command’s specifications. Live trees, bushes, flowers and other plants can be incorporated into any landscape design. True Turf will ensure these important areas continue to look picture perfect with only easy turf maintenance. Even if an area experiences harsh environmental conditions, True Turf will stay green and lush for years to come.

True Turf offers a variety of benefits that make it far superior to traditional natural groundcover for airfield and airside applications. Being virtually maintenance free greatly reduces FOD, which currently costs the military millions a year in aircraft repairs. Security is also improved because there is little need for lawn crews to service restricted airfield areas. Synthetic turf also provides enhanced dust control, which can be helpful in eliminating brownouts during helicopter operations. Plus, True Turf provides nonlethal wildlife management by removing sources of food, water and shelter, significantly reducing bird strike and wildlife hazards. Additionally, True Turf’s superior drainage minimizes water erosion around runways, taxiways and shoulder areas. Another important feature of True Turf is that runway and taxiway markings can be designed directly into the turf, providing better visibility and helping to delineate runways during poor weather conditions.

Parade Grounds, Obstacle Courses & PT Areas
The expense of maintaining parade grounds, obstacle courses, PT fields and other large grassy areas can be enormous. The constant care required to keep these areas trimmed, watered and functional can be costly. True Turf removes the effort involved in keeping these areas looking pristine. Ceremony preparation time will be drastically reduced, and obstacle courses and PT areas will experience much less downtime. The fact that synthetic turf is being used by the NFL is an example of the kind of punishment our products can withstand.

K-9 Units
The health and safety of military working dogs is a major priority for many installations. True Turf provides these animals with a comfortable and clean environment on which to train and relax. True Turf is a proven solution for dog areas. Even with constant use and abuse, the surface will remain intact and undamaged, plus canines are unable to dig through it. Liquid waste will not stain True Turf (even against bleach), and solid droppings can be picked up just like with regular grass or washed off with a hose. Animals find True Turf just as comfortable, if not more so, than natural grass and bedding.

Child Development & Teen Centers
Providing a safe environment for children is a major concern for military families. The addition of True Turf is the perfect solution for child development centers and teen centers. True Turf is more comfortable and safer than natural grass and will not cause stains to clothing. There will be no more muddy playgrounds after it rains, and children will no longer experience problems with grass allergies. The threat of biting and stinging insects is greatly reduced, plus there is no need to use wood chips, rubber mulch, or gravel that can serve as nesting grounds for insects, snakes and other unwanted pests. True Turf products offer no environmental benefits to insects, so they simply stay away. There will no longer be a need to continuously spray dangerous and costly pesticides where children play. True Turf is composed of an exclusive monofilament fiber that is non-toxic and 100% nylon free. It is extremely durable, yet non-abrasive which promotes comfort of play and longevity. These products are engineered to provide superior protection against falls, cuts and abrasions. For areas requiring fall height protection of over 5 feet, an additional safety shock pad is installed beneath the turf. True Turf can accommodate up to 12 feet fall heights with our product line, exceeding all ASTM requirements.

Golf Courses
True Turf is a wonderful solution for all golf courses and driving ranges. Every project is designed for functionality and will meet professional standards, plus True Turf can incorporate sand traps, water hazards, practice tees and other features into any golf course design. Greens stay picturesque with only minimal attention and care. No mowing or watering is ever needed. The durability of True Turf also solves several problems that are common to natural-grass courses. No longer will gophers or other rodents plague the greens, and damage caused by golf carts and divots are also a thing of the past.

Officer, Staff NCO & Enlisted Clubs / Parks & Common Areas
True Turf is well suited for all clubs, parks, picnic areas, walkways and other common areas and parks. The turf always looks great and stays green and soft. Maintenance will be minimal compared to natural grass.