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Wholesale Turf - Synthetic Grass – Artificial Lawn – Fake Turf

True. We’ve got what you’re looking for in a wholesale turf partner: the best products, a local and well-stocked warehouse, superior service… and unsurpassed value.

Factory direct pricing.

The turf we sell is truly green – environmentally smart, 100% recyclable, lead-free, conserves H2O… and True Wholesale Turf can also make you green for you.

  • One-stop shopping saves you time. True wholesale turf stocks turf PLUS all the ingredients and accessories for installation for your convinance.
  • We’ve got low wholesale turf prices exclusively for landscape professionals and the Do-it-yourselfers. No more hunting to get “a deal” from a carpet middleman.
  • We offer door-to-door delivery(free with qualifying orders) and worldwide shipping.

Always in stock

We inventory more than a dozen turfs daily in our synthetic grass warehouse. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll get it. And if we don’t have the quantities of the turf you’re looking for, we’ll arrange for custom manufacture. Thats a True advantage.

Easy ways to order and pay.

  • Flexable synthetic turf financing; convenient options- $0 down, variable terms, low interest- powered by GE Capital.
  • Cash discounts – pay with cash or check/money order, for added savings.
  • Credit cards with no additional charges or fees.

A company that lives up to its name.

the operative word is “true.” True Wholesale Turf is made of honest, friendly and knowledgeable professionals who’ve been in the business since the advent of modern artificial grass.

  • In 2010 we opened our Wholesale Turf superstore, the most modern and accessible showroom and warehouse with a world wide distribution network.
  • Our company isn’t part of a chain or conglomerate. It’s local, family owned and operated, and emerged as a regional industry leader by providing exceptional value and service.

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gloria petrosino March 6, 2013

Can you supply me with a location, phone number in order to speak with a representative of your firm.


john williams May 3, 2014

Do you have any samples and pricing information on your pet turf?
I am in Delaware.
Thanks, John

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