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Going Green with Artificial Turf

More and more homeowners and real estate developers are utilizing green products to enhance the value and attractiveness of their homes. As the real estate market is experiencing one of the worst slumps in American history, sellers of residential property need whatever edge they can get to make their properties as attractive as possible.

From energy saving materials and appliances to water saving landscaping, going green can tip the scales of homebuyers that have more choices now than ever in real estate.

As the Mercury News indicates:

“…green landscape design products and techniques can cut water usage and cost, as well as time spent caring for the yard. Artificial turf and synthetic pet grass are becoming more popular products of choice as opposed to regular grass. She said the use of native grass, plants and flowers like lavender and herbs like thyme can reduce water usage from 500,000 to 100,000 gallons and cut time spent on yard work from 363 to 106 hours.”

So it isn’t simply that homeowners are simply making buying decisions based on cash savings. Many homeowners are deciding to go green for the time savings. Artificial turf never needs to be mowed, it lasts for up to or greater than 20 years and maintenance usually only involves a blower or a rake to get leaves or debris out of the turf.

Installing artificial turf in arid climates is a natural progression in landscaping today. It is safe to say that we will start to see homebuilders offer synthetic lawns as an option to homebuyers looking for ease of maintenance as well as all of the “green” benefits provided.

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