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HOA's and Synthetic Turf

Few people really like their home owners association. Lesia DeFelice is really upset with hers after being sued by her HOA for installing synthetic turf. Apparently, Mrs. DeFelice spent over seven years making her yard environmentally friendly and allergen free and synthetic turf was a major component of her plan. Her HOA, however, had a very different opinion.

Claiming that synthetic turf “is not harmonious with the surrounding community” her HOA sued to have her remove the “offending” turf. While the HOA is claiming, at least on the face of it, that the synthetic turf installed is not up to snuff to their own aesthetic standards, they made no mention of the environmentally friendly nature of artificial grass. The HOA wants the turf removed and for Mrs. DeFelice to pay for their attorney’s fees.

Synthetic Turf and HOA's
Synthetic Turf and HOA's

HOA’s can protect communities and most people appreciate the fact that they help keep neighbors from putting cars up on blocks in the front of their homes. Most people would consider the treatment Mrs. DeFelice is receiving as intrusive, overbearing and way out of line. In fact, the State of California just passed a law prohibiting Home Owner’s Associations from prohibiting the use of synthetic turf within their communities. AB 1723 states:

This bill would provide that a provision of any of the governing documents of a common interest development would be void and unenforceable if it prohibits, or includes conditions that have the effect of prohibiting, the use of artificial turf or any other synthetic surface that resembles grass.

Let’s hope that states across the nation pass similar laws prohibiting home owners from installing environmentally friendly synthetic lawns.

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