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Synthetic Grass and Children

Parents are always concerned about synthetic grass and their children. Are there any harmful effects? How will it feel? What are the main benefits? Well, the answers are quite positive really. Synthetic grass is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and completely safe. There have been concerns, however, not about the turf itself, but about the infill products used in conjunction with the installation process. Some people are concerned about the use of crumb rubber even though the University of Connecticut recently conducted a study on the infill product showing it is safe. Still, if parents are concerned about crumb rubber infill, there are other safe alternatives like flexsand or durafill. There are also completely organic products, however, these products may not last as long as the synthetic infill products.

Synthetic Grass and Children
Synthetic Grass and Children

As far as the feel of the synthetic grass itself it is far softer than the real thing. Remember when you were a kid and you played on grass? Sometimes you’d come away from the experience itching like the dickens depending on the time of the year, if the lawn was just cut or if it was the middle of hay fever season. Fake grass has all of the esthetic benefits of the real stuff but again, it’s hypo-allergenic, won’t make you itch and feels lush all year round.

When it comes to cleanliness, synthetic grass is the best! No more grass stains on clothes. No more muddy footprints in the house, no more patching grass that has been worn out, not to mention, no more watering, clipping, edging and throwing out the cut grass. One of the only concerns people have is that the artificial crumb rubber can track all over the place. This is an easy solution…don’t use crumb rubber as an infill and you won’t have the infill tracking all over the yard and in to the house.

Synthetic grass is a perfect alternative for kids. They love it, it feels great and, most of all, parents have nothing to worry about when it comes to safety.

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