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How Much does Synthetic Turf Cost?

How much synthetic turf costs can be answered in a number of different ways. The comparison consumers usually make in their own minds is the cost difference between synthetic and sod. Sod is very inexpensive. Even if you buy it from a big box retailer that marks up the sod significantly, sod is still cheaper than turf.

Cost of Synthetic Turf
Cost of Synthetic Turf

Comparing the cost of sod to the cost of turf is really something that requires more analysis than the product cost alone. Here’s why. When you buy synthetic turf you are buying far more than a perfect looking lawn that will last a lifetime. You’re buying landscaping that requires no water, requires no pesticides or herbicides, you do not need to install a sprinkler system, you don’t need a lawnmower, you don’t have to pay to discard grass clippings and you can get rid of your lawn maintenance person if you have one.

Installing synthetic turf means that you do not need to replace sod that can dry out and die, it means that you don’t have to pick weeds and/or buy expensive weed killers. More importantly, installing synthetic turf helps you to never have to perform maintenance. When you start to do the math, the real cost of sod begins to add up quickly. Most people that have had synthetic turf installed choose to do it again when they move because it is so convenient. In addition, home buyers take notice and add synthetic turf to the list of benefit when comparison shopping for homes. As such, the fake stuff can add value to your home in ways that the real stuff simply can’t do.

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