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Synthetic Grass – Made Up With Good Quality Fibers!

Today, synthetic grass can use in the various filed due to it advanced quality and look. Also the quality and cost of the grass will vary according to their use. Due to the long lasting quality and attractive look it is also called as Synthetic grass that using in garden and playground. Synthetic grass is

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Artificial Turf Fields Lower Risk of Sports Injury

When most people think of the benefits of artificial turf fields they consider first and foremost the fact that maintenance is far less expensive. Our last post showed also that municipalities are using turf as it increases play time. More importantly, athletic directors and journals are pointing now to the fact that artificial turf fields

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Synthetic Turf Increases Play Time in Athletic Fields

The City of San Francisco has at least 5 million earmarked for synthetic turf installations in select athletic fields across the city. While some parents are concerned about the long term health risks associated with crumb rubber, “[t]ests for toxins and carcinogens, conducted by local and state officials in 2008, found no significant risks, according

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