Sometimes Fake is Better


Designing With Recycling Material!

FieldTurf has built a new field at the War Memorial Stadium in Arkansas that uses recycled material for their synthetic grass. The entire field was replaced and recycled when the stadium officials conceded to improve the surface by the latest and attractive synthetic grass or field turf technology. The redesign of field turf by the War Memorial will be changed into useable products from the latest field turf processing. With the help of this innovative process the FieldTurf’s can also offer a long lasting assurance to the environment.  However, the ecological benefits of Synthetic grass have been well documented for several years.

On the other hand, FieldTurf has managed to save more than 675 million gallons of water, over 5 million tires, and 6.7 million pounds of pesticides by installing more than 4,000 synthetic grass field in North America. Due to the hundreds of safety and health research by the EPA in the state of California, and state of New York, it has been cleared that the synthetic grass is much safer and green. Due to these reasons, demand of the synthetic grass and field turf is going much higher instead of the natural grass that requires more money as maintenance cost. Now, it is also becoming much easier to get synthetic grass due to the 100% recyclable process announced by FieldTurf.

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