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Synthetic Grass Fields for Soccer Club

A Comox Valley Soccer Club is seeking approval to build two synthetic grass playing fields for year round use by members of the club. Currently the club cannot always play through the entire soccer season as they inadvertently due to weather issues have multiple field closures. The soccer club has over 1500 members which are all burdened with the closures of the current natural grass fields. With the construction of two new synthetic grass fields, it would allow for the soccer season to be extended and include all of the games without the risk of closure due to weather restrictions. The cost of maintenance in artificial turf fields is also much less than that of regular fields, there is no weeding, mowing, or water required to upkeep the look. This is a benefit on costs to the club, especially during times of in climate weather. This alternative of having synthetic grass turfs should seriously be considered as the cost associated is a one time investment that would allow for decades of use out of the two fields. The members would again be able to benefit through having these fields from a safety standpoint as well. The users would have added safety in having a more shock absorbent surface to have high energy output events, as well as possible contact sport use. The synthetic grass alternative should seriously be considered for these various reasons, and would benefit all users of the field during any time of year.

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