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June 2011 - Synthetic Grass – Artificial Lawn – Fake Turf

The Benefits of Synthetic Grass

The benefits in synthetic grass either in fields, or in people’s yards are absolutely limitless. The maintenance of pesticides, fertilizers, watering, weeding, and mowing, often times will take up all of the time and effort versus being able to simply enjoy the good look of a yard or field. With synthetic grass being installed more

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Synthetic Grass no Longer Looks Synthetic

Original synthetic grass of five or ten years ago looked artificial, there was just no two ways about that one. The turf was a hit in only one area which was the playing field as it gave increased safety and allowed for little to no maintenance. Synthetic grass recently however has taken strides in both

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Synthetic Grass for Tennis?

The benefit of synthetic grass for tennis courts is finally being brought to the public’s attention. For the sport enjoyed by millions across the world, there is now a new option for both safety and performance on the court. The implementation of synthetic grass on tennis courts will allow not only a cooler surface, but

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Synthetic Grass for School Field

The vote to give synthetic grass to a high school in Illinois for an artificial turf field has received mixed reviews from the public. Synthetic grass has burst on the scene in recent years as now being a very affordable and relatively maintenance free way of having a field in almost any location. In certain

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Synthetic Grass Fields for Soccer Club

A Comox Valley Soccer Club is seeking approval to build two synthetic grass playing fields for year round use by members of the club. Currently the club cannot always play through the entire soccer season as they inadvertently due to weather issues have multiple field closures. The soccer club has over 1500 members which are

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Mansfield Artificial Turf Field Update

Mansfield city schools are just about ready to replace two of their fields with synthetic grass playing fields. These fields have become more and more popular throughout the nation with their ease of maintenance as well as their improved safety. The safety of synthetic grass fields has been something people are often times unaware of,

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Field Turf Newest Synthetic Grass

Field Turf has taken Canada by storm with their newest addition to their already large selection of synthetic grass. Their new product is a synthetic grass called Vertex, it looks very similar to a putting green, however doesn’t require the pesky maintenance. Their newest synthetic grass also allows for the user to feel more comfortable

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Synthetic Grass Warehouse Offering More Variety on Synthetic Turf!

Synthetic Grass Warehouse Inc is the largest national distributor of artificial grass in the US.   It has recently opened a new division in Mexico, Ensenada on April 9, 2011. The grand opening ceremony of this Warehouse was held in a 10,000 square foot warehouse the warehouse will stock over five hundred thousand square feet of

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Saving Hundreds of Dollars on Your Water Bills!

Study has cleared that you can save more money on your commercial and residential landscaping by using the synthetic grass instead of natural grass.  It can also keep your home or office look enhanced for a long time without regular maintenance. Synthetic grass is also made of eco friendly materials that will never produce any

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