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Synthetic Grass no Longer Looks Synthetic

Original synthetic grass of five or ten years ago looked artificial, there was just no two ways about that one. The turf was a hit in only one area which was the playing field as it gave increased safety and allowed for little to no maintenance. Synthetic grass recently however has taken strides in both advances in technology to make it look more real, to advances in production to make it more affordable. The original synthetic grass only had one tone, nothing underneath it to give a full look like a lawn would have, and was way too expensive to be placed in someone’s yard anyway. With the new technology implemented in synthetic grass it allows for a person to pick out not only their specific tone of color, or multiple tones if that is what they are looking for, but you can even pick out what color underlay you want. Synthetic grass now comes with a thatch that can give a full green look similar to what would be seen on the coast, or a brown thatch which would allow for a more desert look with dead grass underneath the green lush cover. Technology has also allowed synthetic grass to become much more affordable for people to put in their yard at home. The aesthetic appeal has risen highly, and the benefit of no mowing or watering is something that of course cannot be ignored. When considering redoing your lawn be sure to keep synthetic grass in mind for the many new technological benefits.

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