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Synthetic Grass for School Field

The vote to give synthetic grass to a high school in Illinois for an artificial turf field has received mixed reviews from the public. Synthetic grass has burst on the scene in recent years as now being a very affordable and relatively maintenance free way of having a field in almost any location. In certain areas synthetic grass has become very popular as it will withstand the heat of summer without requiring excess water to look professional. Artificial turf fields are also becoming popular as they are more shock absorbent than natural grass fields and therefore a safer alternative while engaging in contact sports. In the safety aspect of synthetic grass the people using the field can choose how much shock absorbency they want while the field is being installed. This is a good alternative for high school playing fields where head injuries are closely guarded against. Specifically in Illinois with sometimes extremely hot summers it will save the school money in watering the entire field, and will also save in other maintenance costs as well. This alternative to natural grass should be considered by other school districts as well for many other reasons. Synthetic grass is maintenance free as well as water free, two of the biggest costs in maintaining fields within any school district. The cost of synthetic grass is a one time thing in the installation, versus a recurring cost of maintenance as well as the cost of keeping watered during hot summers.

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